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Seeing the Unseen (2-Day): Dual Lens Workshop

Seeing the Unseen (2-Day): Dual Lens Workshop

Seeing the Unseen: A Dual Lens Workshop Integrating Play Therapy & Criminology in Child Sexual Abuse Treatment

April 29-30

5400 Preakness Way

Baltimore, MD


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    Presented by: Dr. Jodi Mullen & Dr. Graham Hill


    Drs. Hill and Mullen discuss, in-depth, what makes the perpetrators of child sexual abuse think the way they do and how that impacts the children they harm. The presenters demystify perpetrator behaviors that could provide important clues for play therapists and child counselors that enable unique clinical insight, greater opportunity for meaningful therapeutic responses, richer case conceptualizations, and thoughtful clinical interventions. Understanding the origins and maintenance of perpetrator behavior offers essential knowledge to help professionals keep children safe and provide a foundation and framework for consultation and psychoeducation.



    By the end of this workshop participants will be able to: 1) Recognize the primary intrinsic needs that influence perpetrator behavior, 2) Identify common control techniques used by perpetrators to prevent disclosure and avoid detection, 3) Recognize how primary drivers emerge relationally, behaviorally, and symbolically in the play therapy of sexually exploited children, 4) Plan ways to provide psychoeducation to parents and children, 5) Describe at least two ways personal perspectives influence how we see perpetrator behavior., 6) Identify three common myths about child perpetrators of sexual abuse, 7) Understand the difference between situational and preferential sexual offending against children, 8) Develop a dual perspective: Gain insights into integrating play therapy and criminology in addressing child sexual abuse, 9) Explore innovative methods for treating child sexual trauma, 10) Examine the unseen aspects of child sexual abuse, 11) Acquire tangible skills and strategies for effective intervention and support in cases of child sexual abuse, 12) Cultivate a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological impact of child sexual abuse.


    About the presenters:

    Dr. Graham Hill is a British criminologist and subject matter expert in the relation to the behavior of adults who sexually abuse children and male perpetrators of non-familial child abduction. Dr. Hill is a former senior detective and was the founder and first Head of Behavioral Analysis for the UK Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre (CEOP). Grahams investigative career and research background give him a unqiue perspective of seuxal crimes against children. Dr. Hill lectures internationally on a wide range of subjects. He is a member of the British Society of Criminology and a Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds University in England. Dr. Hill showcases his proficency on the program Graham Hill: Murder Detective.

    Dr. Jodi Mullen is a professor at SUNY Oswego in the Counseling & Psychological Services Department. She primarily teaches in the Mental Health Counseling Program. She is the director of Integrative Counseling Services, with several offices in Central New York. Dr. Mullen is an international speaker, author, credentialed play therapist and play therapy supervisor. Dr. Mullen has over 25 years in the field of counseling. She has authored books on play therapy, counseling children and adolescents, supervision, grief counseling and parenting. Dr. Mullen was the 2008 recipient of the Key Award for Professional Training & Education through the Association for Play Therapy. She is the proud Momma of Leah & Andrew.

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