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Play Therapy Power Up- Revitalized Track

Play Therapy Power Up- Revitalized Track

Price: $199



This is a comprehensive and dynamic 21-day program designed to elevate
your skills and proficiency in play therapy and child counseling. This
immersive experience is crafted for professionals seeking to deepen their
understanding and application of therapeutic techniques specifically tailored
for working with children.



1.Describe the developmental foundations of play therapy

2.Identify why play therapy is a developmental, psychological, and relational match in child counseling

3.Explain therapeutic relationship building, and the use of metaphor in play therapy

4.Develop skills to engage children in the therapeutic process

5.Identify and differentiate between various modalities of play therapy

6.Enhance observational skills to assess and interpret children’s play behaviors

7.Identify strategies for establishing a safe and therapeutic environment conducive to play therapy sessions

8.Discuss and apply considerations for cultural sensitivity, confidentiality, and ethical practice in the practice of
play therapy

9. Gain insight into the role of the therapist in facilitating play therapy sessions, including techniques for setting
boundaries, managing challenging behaviors, and promoting emotional regulation and self-expression in

10. Explore the integration of play therapy as a trauma-informed approach

11. Practice the integration of play therapy and consultation with parents and professionals

12. Enhance cultural competence in working with diverse populations of children and families, including
awareness of cultural beliefs, values, and norms that may impact the therapeutic process

13. Develop practical skills in conducting play therapy

14. Reflect on personal biases, assumptions, and countertransference issues that may arise in the context of
working with children and families, and implement strategies for self-awareness and professional growth

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