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Play Therapy Basic Training (PDF version)

Play Therapy Basic Training (PDF version)

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For over 50 years, Child-Centered Play Therapy has helped children heal and grow through a therapeutic process that is best suited to children’s development. In play therapy, children are provided an opportunity to communicate, problem solve and develop through the most intuitive process in childhood; play.


The Play Therapy Basic Training Workbook: A guide to learning and living the child centered play therapy philosophy guides budding and seasoned play and child therapists through a philosophical orientation to child-centered play therapy while simultaneously integrating reflective and experiential exercises that are relevant to clinical practice. Readers are engaged in the learning process from start to finish and as a result will witness personal and professional growth with completion of each section.

Some chapter highlights include:

  • Childhood as a culture
  • Stages of child-centered play therapy
  • How to set limits in a play therapy session
  • Is the child ready for termination?

A Guide for Learning & Living the Child-Centered Play Therapy Philosophy


Jodi Ann Mullen, PhD LMHC NCC CCPT-S RPT-S is the Director of Integrative Counseling Services, PLLC. in Auburn, Cicero and Oswego, New York. She is associate professor at SUNY Oswego in the Counseling & Psychological Services Department where she is the coordinator of the Graduate Certificate Program in Play Therapy and coordinator of the Mental Health Counseling program. Dr. Mullen is a Credentialed Play Therapist and Play Therapy Supervisor. She has almost twenty years of experience working with children and parents.

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