Play Therapy Basic Training & How Play Therapists can Engage Parents &Profession


Play Therapy Basic Training
The Play Therapy Basic Training Workbook: A guide to learning and living the child centered play
therapy philosophy guides budding and seasoned play and child therapists through a philosophical orientation to child-centered play therapy while simultaneously integrating reflective and experiential exercises that are relevant to clinical practice. Readers are engaged in the learning process from start to finish and as a result will witness personal and professional growth with completion of each section.

Some chapter highlights include:
Childhood as a culture
Stages of child-centered play therapy
How to set limits in a play therapy session
Is the child ready for termination?


How Play Therapists can Engage Parents & Professionals
This workbook is the missing component for many practitioners of Play Therapy and child counseling. It is challenging to translate the philosophy and practice of Play Therapy into a common language, even among mental health professionals. This workbook engages play therapists in building professional competence and confidence that are the foundation for sound consultation.

Some highlights include:
Parent & Professional Profiles
Strategies for Engaging
Consultation Checklists


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