Pandemic Parenting as a Therapist

Pandemic Parenting as a Therapist

Presented by:

Dr. Jodi Ann Mullen, PhD LMHC NCC RPT-S CCPT-S

and Vanessa Kellner, LCPC, RPT, NCC, RYT


Date: 10/6/2020

Time: 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST

Location: Live Online via Zoom 

Capacity: 20 participants maximum (first-come first-serve)


This two hour course is an invitation to examine the current pandemic and its impact on ourselves and our families, both in it’s challenges and in it’s opportunities for transformation and growth. We will take a close look at how this experience has changed the way we live; honoring our losses, accepting life as it is now, and discovering how to create a life full of joy, meaning and

hope.  We will discuss how to intentionally build a life based in consistency and connection and abundant with hope and joy. We (yes WE, meaning us too!) will take a real and honest look at our mistakes, finding humor in our mishaps and using them to shape more informed and empowered parenting. Together we will leave this experience inspired and ready to incorporate parenting principles (your book) and life's natural gifts (foundational pillars) into your life and your family. Empowered with hope and equipped to build a life of joy and connection at home.    


*This live-online webinar will feature a segment where participants will get the chance to ask the presenters questions about parenting as a therapist during Covid!


**This webinar will be recorded. Participants may leave their camera and/or microphone off if they do not wish to be included in the recording.


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