Consulting with Parents in Play Therapy & Child Counseling

Consulting with Parents in Play Therapy & Child Counseling

Child mental health professionals, including (and especially) play therapists often describe difficulty not in the clinical work with children, but in the consultation with parents and caregivers. That does not have to be the case. In this workshop, we will focus on multiple communication and consulting skills that facilitate relationships with parents, and caregivers while still honoring the children and the culture of childhood. Additionally, the esteem of child mental health professionals who are also play therapists will be bolstered.  


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: 

1) Identify three ways to communicate the benefits of play therapy, 

2) Have experience and replicate communication and consulting techniques suitable for dealing with parents, and caregivers,

3) Use communication and consulting skills to address the questions of parents and caregivers, 

4) Describe ways to address the vulnerabilities in parents and caregivers,

5) Create boundaries that facilitate parent and play therapist communication,

6) Name specific strategies to use in consulting with parents and caregivers,

7) Share about the child’s session in ways support the child and the parents and caregivers.


Continuing Education: 5 CEs

Presented by: Jodi Mullen, Ph.D. LMHC CCPT-Master RPT-S