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Play Therapy

“Therapy needs to be fun. If it is simply hard and painful, kids are not going to come back week after week.” 

~ Beverly James

The Association for Play Therapy defines play therapy as “the systematic use of a theoretical model to establish an interpersonal process wherein trained play therapists use the therapeutic powers of play to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development.”

Association for Play Therapy - "Introducing Andrew"

Why Choose Play Therapy for your Child?

Child-Centered Play Therapy has the ability to benefit children socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. At Integrative Counseling Services we strive to assist children with growth in these realms. We provide stability and a safe environment for children to experience this growth. We utilize a number of Play Therapy techniques to assist children of all ages. Play Therapy is helpful for children in a variety of situations with various benefits.


Parental Conflict
Grief & Loss
Challenges at School
Impulse Control
Social Withdrawal
ADHD Anger/Aggression 




Reduces Stress

Promotes Trusts

Encourages Communication

Promotes Pro-Social Problem Solving

Promotes Self-Control

Promotes Self-Reliance

Alleviates behavioral symptoms

We have therapeutic playrooms, sand play rooms, and conventional talk therapy rooms at Integrative Counseling Services, all filled with various expressive mediums, including toys, arts and crafts, sand, and items for different sensory needs. We have four offices that offer play therapy services in Oswego, Fulton, Cicero, & Auburn.

Ever wonder what childhood anxiety looks like, and what you can do to help?

Check out our page devoted to helping you learn more about your children, warning signs that they feel anxious, and practical tips on what you can do to help them feel better!


Child Counseling

Most children who receive counseling at Integrative Counseling Services will be helped through a play therapy approach. In the event that the professional mental health counselor who is working with your child assess that an alternative clinical approach is best suited the counselor will make that adaptation in consultation with you. Our aim is to always provide the highest quality ethical and professional care. It is important to note that child counseling often includes activity in addition to talking. So it may not look exactly like what you see in media. If you have questions about child counseling and custody cases, please see our page dedicated to that topic.

Integrative Counseling celebrating
National Play Therapy Week!
"Animal School"
"A eye-opening reflection on how we view children and how we teach children in our current education system"
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