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Parenting Resources

We have a lot to offer parents who are looking to learn and feel more confident in their parenting abilities!

We work with parents in all different types of families and family structures, and we strive to help parents feel their best as they do one of the toughest jobs on the planet!


Check out all our resources below!

Learn About Child Development
from Parent Play Therapists!

We offer a variety of online parenting videos with our therapists about what they struggled with and what they learned as they parented!

To watch this video and others like it, visit:

Child Counseling

Most children who receive counseling at Integrative Counseling Services will be helped through a play therapy approach. In the event that the professional mental health counselor who is working with your child assess that an alternative clinical approach is best suited the counselor will make that adaptation in consultation with you. Our aim is to always provide the highest quality ethical and professional care. It is important to note that child counseling often includes activity in addition to talking. So it may not look exactly like what you see in media. If you have questions about child counseling and custody cases, please see our page dedicated to that topic.

Freakishly Well-Behaved Kids Podcast
With Dr. Jodi Mullen

Dr. Jodi Mullen is the host of the podcast Freakishly Well-Behaved Kids, where she addresses various topics connected to parenting and raising children. Dr. Mullen shares BLISSFUL PARENTING principles for raising freakishly well-behaved kids. She has learned the principles directly from children. Listen in to get straight talk about parenting from a different perspective– the perspective of children. Change your perspective of parenting and improve your parenting and your relationship with your child! It’s BLISS! As a supplemental resource, check out the workbook she wrote with her kids for kids: Naughty No More: A workbook for kids who want to make good decisions.


To listen to all of the full episodes, visit:

Or listen here!

Childhood Anxiety

Ever wonder what childhood anxiety looks like, and what you can do to help?

Check out our page devoted to helping you learn more about your children, warning signs that they feel anxious, and practical tips on what you can do to help them feel better!

Child Development
Child Counseling
Parenting Podcast
Child Anxiety

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