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Internship Opportunities

Here at Integrative Counseling Services, we offer internship opportunities for both undergraduate students and graduate students. Interns gain knowledge of the private practice office setting, and assist with important tasks such as completing intakes, working at our reception desk, answering phone calls, and assisting with office and community-based projects. Our interns receive wonderful experience and work closely with Licensed Mental Health Counselors, while learning about the inner workings of a private practice. Expect to learn about insurances, the counseling process, gain office work experience, and gain knowledge from seasoned counselors.

For graduate interns, you will be given a caseload of clients based on the hours you need to complete, and if you are interested, will have the opportunity to begin play therapy certification. Grad interns also receive individual and group supervision, and are part of a connected, and hardworking staff.

To apply, please complete the appropriate form. Our internship coordinators will contact you!

Undergraduate Internship

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At this time, we are ONLY accepting applications for Graduate Interns at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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