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Groups are an important therapeutic service and provide many benefits that individual counseling cannot, such as connection with others from similar experiences, the chance to share your experiences with other people and listen to the experiences of others, to share different perspectives about your life and the lives of others, and a way to achieve personal goals, as well as group goals.

Groups may be intimidating; however, our facilitators place a great deal of care into providing a safe, warm, and open group environment, and will not force participants to discuss anything they are not ready to share. If you would like to speak with a counselor to ask about the group experience, call our office!

Groups We Offer

Play Therapy Groups

These groups are split up by children's ages and are facilitated by a certified Child-Centered Play Therapist. These groups are beneficial for children learning social skills, who are shy or unsure how to interact with others, and who may just need some extra support. The groups allow for kids to guide their own therapeutic process and interact with kids their own age in fun and meaningful ways. Call our Oswego office to sign up!

Women's Supportive Counseling Group

A group dedicated to providing women with a safe and supportive environment. The group offers time for discussion of participant's lives and also activities and education opportunities. This group is run as needed and when enough participants sign up. Please sign up at the Oswego reception desk or call our office to inquire about the group!

Creating Change:

A group dedicated to expressive arts

The group facilitators believe in the therapeutic power of art in all forms, and this group give participants an opportunity to literally create change without the pressure of discussion. As a group, participants will do individual activities and work toward individual goals, and will also collaborate with other group members to create a positive and warm, as well as imaginative environment! This group runs when enough participants sign up, so pleas contact the Oswego reception desk or call our office to sign up.

Circle of Security:

An educational parenting group for men, women, and couples

For more information, see our Circle of Security page!

*Most insurances will cover group therapy sessions. However, if your insurance does not participate with these services, we offer a self-pay rate of $25 per session. If you are unable to pay for this service, please contact our office to ask about other options.

Groups will meet on a weekly basis unless otherwise specified, and to participate you will be asked to commit to the entirety of the group schedule for the most therapeutic results. If you are unable to make your group for the week, please call to cancel ahead of time.

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