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Filial Therapy

What is Filial Therapy?

Filial Therapy is a behavioral method of intervening in the psychosocial development of children less than eleven years of age, using the parent as agents of change.  Parent(s) are taught to conduct child-centered play therapy with the instruction and supervision of professionals (Guerney, 1980). 

What’s involved? 

8 sessions of training with certified Play Therapists.  Parent(s) meet with the group to learn child-centered play therapy.  The meetings will follow this format:

  • Session 1:  Intake

  • Session 2:  Skills Training

  • Session 3:  Skills Training

  • Session 4:  Preparing for Home Session

  • Session 5:  Home Session Feedback

  • Session 6:  Home Session Feedback

  • Session 7:  Generalization

  • Session 8:  Termination and Wrap Up

New groups will be forming periodically.

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