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Counseling Services

For all potential clients who are without insurance, or eligible insurance (ex: Medicare), Integrative Counseling Services offers a full sliding fee scale to accommodate all individuals in need of counseling services. Please call our office to speak with an intake counselor. No one will be denied access to needed services due to an inability to pay.

  1. Mental Health Counseling

  2. Free depression screenings for adolescents and adults

    • Call our office to schedule an appointment for a free depression screening.

What happens when you call to schedule an
appointment with one of our counselors?


  1. You or your doctor calls for counseling services, and speaks with one of our intake counselors who will gather your basic information.

  2. Our Intake Coordinator will call you back to obtain clarifying information, as well as discuss insurance and rates.

  3. You will then be assigned to a counselor with proper qualifications and availability.

  4. You will receive a call from your counselor to schedule your first appointment.

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