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Services we offer

For all potential clients who are without insurance, or eligible insurance (ex: Medicare), Integrative Counseling Services offers a Sliding Fee Scale based on income and family size. Please call our office to speak with an intake coordinator. No one will be denied access to needed services due to an inability to pay.

  1. Mental Health Counseling

  2. Free depression screenings for adolescents and adults:

  • Call our office to schedule an appointment for a free depression screening. (315)342-9255

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Self-Pay Rates 2022

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our self-pay rates, please feel free to contact our Billing Manager, Shanna. 

Shanna Turek

Billing Manager

Phone: (315) 216 6999

In The Community


Currently, we are partnering with Oswego County Opportunities for their community project, The Hub. At this location, you will find people from different community resources, like Farnham Family Services, Literacy Volunteers, Center for Career and Community Education, Health Ed, Headstart, and Homless Services. We are offering depression and anxiety screenings at The Hub, and will soon offer groups!


ICS in the Schools

Integrative Counseling is collaborating with Leighton Elementary in Oswego and Port Byron Central School District to offer mental health counseling and play therapy services for children in the school environment. School is a stressor for a large number of children and these mental health services help children feel regulated and offer an outlet in a sometimes stressful environment. Our counselors work with the children directly and consult with school staff and parents to help provide therapeutic recommendations beyond the individual work done in session. This is a growing position in the schools nation-wide and we hope to offer more mental health counseling services to the  schools in the Oswego community. 

If you have any interest in having our counselors in your school or having our counselors provide education for students and staff about mental health, please contact us! You can submit a request on our Contact Us page.

Circle Talk
for those affected by cancer

Integrative Counseling's director, Dr. Jodi Mullen, along with Alyssa Grove, facilitate a group at Peaceful Remedies in Oswego, NY. The group is called "Circle Talk for Those Affected By Cancer" and is free. The group is open to people diagnosed with cancer, cancer survivors, and the family and caregivers of people who have been affected by cancer. If you are interested, the group meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at the Peaceful Remedies Center - 41 Lake Street, Oswego NY 13126. For more information, visit: here

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