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Client Testimonials

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September 2019

Kristina M. D.

"I don't know where to begin! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have attended your Play Therapy Basic Training. It was eye-opening and rejuvenating! I feel way more confident to work with children and have a meaningful way to connect to them. There was so much information to absorb from your training that I know will take a while to digest! It is obvious that working with children is a passion of yours as you clearly show excitement when relaying your experience and knowledge to us! So thank you for the boost and giving me a chance to feel refreshed in this field! I cannot wait to attend another training!"

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September 2019


"Rikki is a wonderful counselor! She does a great job with my daughter!"

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August 2019


"I brought my son to see Jodi when he was a toddler. He was physical with us and didn't talk much. She worked with him through Play Therapy for many years and he told people that Jodi was a mind reader. I attribute his success in life to the counseling he received from Jodi. She not only supported my son through this journey, she supported the whole family, as we had two other children we were also raising. He has since graduated high school with honors. Graduated college with a 4.0 every semester and moved to Texas where he works at a University in their IT department. I am so thankful to Jodi for the care she gave to my son and I recommend her to anyone who asks."

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July 2019


"Jodi Mullen helped me become all I could be. Without her, I definitely would not be living alone in a different country."

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